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Two DVD Collection

Too Soon to Forget: Documentary with Two Supplemental Features

The first DVD contains the Documentary, as seen on PBS, an 8 page Information Booklet, and two Supplemental Features. Each feature explores a specific topic in greater detail, offers discussion questions, and averages 10 minutes in length.

The second DVD, not pictured, contains 11 Supplemental Features with discussion questions.
The two DVDs are sold separately and together contain almost 3 hours of material

The Supplemental Features include: The Experience of Isolation Noticing the problem The Healing Power of Community Advice from others

Too Soon to Forget: Supplemental Features

This DVD contains 11 Supplemental Features which explore in greater detail topics raised in the documentary. These feature average 10 minutes in length and contain questions for discussion.

The Supplemental Features include:

Receiving the diagnosis
Sharing the news with others
How this experience changes you -Part One
How this experience changes you – Part Two
Handling Each Day
Planning for the Future
End of Life
Accepting help Participating in clinical trials

Both DVDs are available subtitled in Spanish

For information on purchasing the DVDs, contact Susan Frick