Airing on PBS          

New Orleans WLAEDT   
12/19/2022         8:00 PM              

New Orleans WLAEDT   
12/20/2022         3:00 AM              

New Orleans WLAEDT2 
12/20/2022         12:00 AM           

New Orleans WLAEDT2 
12/20/2022         7:00 AM                        

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Available on Amazon Prime

Too Soon to Forget is available on Amazon for either a rental or purchase price.

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Screening Opportunities

Too Soon to Forget is available for community events, support groups, and staff training. It can be shown for in-person events or streaming online

Nov. 14, 2022
2:00 pm
Elmhurst Public Library
Hybrid event. Registration required.

Register to attend in-person.

Register to attend virtually.

The film is available to be used. Contact Susan Frick for information and to schedule a screening.