Our Song

“In Times Like These”

Sometimes Wishes Do Come True

Songs often leave an indelible impression. As was the case when Susan Frick, the Executive Producer of the documentary first heard the song In Times Like These in February of 2012. The song and its’ poignant words never left her thoughts. And when Susan began working on her Alzheimer’s documentary in 2014, she wished that this song could play a part in it. Her wish has come true.

Everyone needs someone to lean on.

In Time Like These, Jim Tulio

Susan has been affiliated with the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center for more than 20 years and for the past 13 years has spearheaded ‘Without Warning’ one of the most unique programs in the country that provides support and guidance to families effected by younger onset Alzheimer’s.

Susan worked alongside Ted Kay, at TMK Productions, to produce this special documentary that explores the lives of families living with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease and looks at the community of support around each family.

Susan Frick, Jim Tulio, Yvonne Gage and Ted Kay at Butcher Boy Studio
Yvonne Gage singing In Times Like These

It’s this focus on the community which makes this international hit song In Times Like These, with the refrain “Everyone needs someone to lean on,” the perfect addition to this project. As fate would have it, Ted Kay knows Jim Tulio, composer and producer of the song. And on May 2, 2017, at Jim’s studio, Butcher Boy, Chicago artist, Yvonne Gage, recorded our version of this beautiful song.

We are thrilled that Yvonne’s soulful version of In Times Like These is part of Too Soon to Forget. Yvonne’s powerful voice dramatically brings our documentary to a close.